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The Weavery (Ita Wegman Association) is a very special place. The workshop master, Ann Lindwall, works with adults with disabilities who also live and work on Glenora Farm. She is assisted by two volunteers from the farm. The weavers produce high-quality baby blankets, shawls, scarves, tea towels, cushions and many other items from a variety of different types of wool, as well as rayon and bamboo. The Weavery is open Monday to Wednesday, 9:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The weaving can be purchased at the Weavery, and there is also a fine selection in the GLenora Corner Store next door.
Contact: The Weavery Postal address: The Ita Wegman Association P.O. Box 463 Duncan, B.C., V9L 3X8 Location: Glenora Farm 4766 Waters Road Duncan, B.C., V9L 6S9 Tel./Fax:  (250) 715-1559 E-mail: Web:
Glenora Farm (Ita Wegman Association) is a place where special needs are met and talent abounds. It is only one of three such locations in Canada. Run by the Ita Wegman Association of B.C., the farm shares the goals and philosophies of the Camphill Movement, a worldwide organization of schools, training colleges and adult villages where caregivers and people with developmental disabilities live, learn and work together, sharing in a culturally rich and productive environment. Developmental disabilities are treated, not as illnesses, but as a part of the fabric of human experience. Glenora Farm creates an environment in which those who need special care, and those who provide it, can relate to each other as companions rather than as professionals and clients, thus making room for creativity and personal fulfillment while respecting each individual's privacy and freedom. Those who work on the land, farming and gardening, and those who bake, spin and weave, provide firewood or make candles, enjoy the benefits of their labour in a myriad of ways. The work shops follow the process of woodworking and form-building from raw material to finished product, and our companions' knowledge of the world is continually enhanced by weekly adult education courses. There are plays, festivals, music, singing and folk dancing to further enrich the fabric of life. And of course, visitors are welcome, by appointment.
Contact: Glenora Farm Postal address: The Ita Wegman Association P.O. Box 463, Duncan, B.C., V9L 3X8 Location: Glenora Farm 4766 Waters Road Duncan, B.C., V9L 6S9 Tel./Fax:  (250) 715-1559 E-mail: Web:
Rachel Eldred of Just Sew Custom Embroidery provides personalized, embroidered garments for businesses, sports teams, or clubs. Customers can use their own logo or choose from 40,000 stock images. Rachel does quality work at a reasonable price. She supplies t-shirts, jackets, hats, golf shirts, sweats, fleece, uniform shirts -- almost anything in any colour.
Contact: Just Sew Custom Embroidery 3430 Glenora Road Duncan, B.C., V9L 6S2 Tel.:  (250) 748-0708 E-mail: Website:
Pacific Sun Alpacas is a small farm which concentrates on good foundation stock for their breeding programs, as alpacas have only been in Canada for a little over a decade. Although Jennifer Young’s and Alex Apostoli's goal is to produce solid dark-coloured alpacas with a fine crimpy fibre, they are also fortunate to have strong grey genetics through their Chilean female, Teeka. The fleece from her creas (offspring) is noted both for colour and fineness. Her son, Top Gunn (aka Gunner), is now their main colour stud. Alpaca fleece is three times warmer and seven times stronger than wool. The fiber is softer than the finest wool and has a higher tensile strength. Alpacas are gentle, quiet creatures which sing soft humming songs and are very appealing to be around. On this farm, alpacas are strictly pampered fibre-producers, and are not destined for the larder.
Contact: Pacific Sun Alpacas 3791 Cavin Road Duncan, B.C., V9L 6T2 Tel.:  (250) 715-3180 E-mail: Web:
Gail P. Robertson writes and self-publishes lighthearted science fiction, rhyming poetry and mid-grade adventure novels. Currently available at Portals in the Island Savings Centre are:  When the Need is Great (science fiction) and its sequel, Hell Holes; Hour House (for mid-graders); The Whimsical Crime of Rhythm and Rhyme (humorous or thought-provoking poems in rhyming story-telling format) and Immortal Wound (a lighthearted metaphysical novel). These books are also available online at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or from Gail by e-mail or through her website. Each book is available in both paperback and e-book (ePUB) formats.
Contact: Gail Robertson 5160 Elliot Road Duncan, B.C., V9L 6S4 Tel.:  (250) 701-8498 E-mail: Gail’s Spotlight page on (the Spotlight page offers for sale all the books available from that author)
Ann Baker Mendenhall, Pianist and Teacher, has a Bachelor of Music from Oberlin Conservatory and a Master of Music from University of Victoria. She gives private and group lessons to students age six through infinity at her home studio, which features three pianos, a vaulted ceiling for great acoustics, and a practice room. Lessons with Ann are individualized to fit each student and develop well-rounded musicianship. She encourages improvisation and ensemble playing, along with preparation for recitals, festivals and RCM exams. Ann uses a happy, positive approach, always keeping the main focus on Joy of Accomplishment and Love of Music.
Contact: 3790 Glenora Road Duncan, B.C., V9L 6S5 Phone/Fax:  (250) 748-8196 E-mail: Web: